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Feel Comfortable & Confident

Parlin’s Trusted Source for Dental Crowns

We know that aging teeth can be a sensitive subject, especially if you’re experiencing premature decay. But it’s our goal to help you feel comfortable and confident, solving the problem before it becomes worse. Because every patient is different, contact us to schedule a consultation visit, where we’ll help you decide if crowns are right for you, and do the prep work so we can create custom-fitted crowns for your following visits.

Doctor checking to his little boy teeths

Dental Crowns

Is it safe?

Dental crowns are actually safer than going without your teeth, which can lead to further damage, difficulty chewing, and chronic pain. A crown is a durable and long-lasting implant that stays in 24/7, with none of the glue or problems with dentures.

Doctor checking female patient teeths

Highly Tailored Results

Will it look fake?

Not if we can help it! One reason our cosmetic dentistry really stands out is that we can carefully create customized crowns to fit your natural jaw and blend with your existing teeth, so you can smile normally, chew easily, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A dental implant with a crown will usually take at least two visits to prepare the implant and fit your crowns, so you can be confident the final result will be highly tailored to your face.

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