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Become More Informed

Dental Assistance When Facing Periodontal Disease

Whether you are suffering from periodontal disease or you want to become more informed on the matter, we are here for you. Periodontal disease is one of the biggest threats to dental health. It occurs when the inner layer of your gums and bone begin to pull away from your teeth. Pockets then begin to form within the space that is created. As these pockets form, plaque begins to build up and continues to spread below the gum line. If not removed quickly, the plaque will turn into tartar (which can only be removed by a dentist) and will essentially destroy the gums and bone surrounding your teeth.

By consulting our office, we can assist you with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of this unwanted gum disease. Warning signs of periodontal disease include tender or bleeding gums, loose teeth, a receding gum line, red or swollen gums, persistent bad breath, loose or sensitive teeth, pus surrounding their teeth and gums and a change in the spacing between their teeth. In order to prevent these symptoms from occurring, it is best to understand the main risk factors involved. Individuals with a higher risk of getting periodontal disease include those with diabetes, a smoking habit, bad oral hygiene, stress, crooked teeth, defective fillings or bridges, diabetes, changes in their female hormones, or those with an immunodeficiency.

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Fight Off & Avoid Initial Stages

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To prevent periodontal disease from occurring, it is best to fight off and avoid the first initial stage. This stage is referred to as gingivitis in which plaque begins to build up and irritate the gums. The gums then become inflamed and may start to bleed. To avoid gingivitis from occurring, it is important to consistently brush your teeth as well as floss between them. If you currently have gingivitis, one to two cleanings will get you back to normal in no time. Routine checkups are important as well as working on good oral hygiene. You can consult our New Jersey dentists to discuss your situation and have any questions answered.

Determine Your Status

Steps For Your Visit

During a periodontal examination, your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to determine whether you are suffering from periodontal disease or not. When diagnosed with this gum disease, periodontal therapy then becomes recommended. This is when our New Jersey dentist removes the tartar, plaque and toxins within your gums and then makes the rough spots located on your root surfaces more smooth. This typically involves multiple appointments and focuses on one part of your mouth at a time. If the disease turns into advanced periodontitis, then periodontal surgery may necessary.

In-Person Consultation

Prevent Periodontal Disease

In order to maintain good dental health and prevent periodontal disease from occurring, it is important to set up regular dental cleanings with Elite Cosmetic Dental Group. You also want to make sure that you maintain and are consistent in having good oral hygiene. The health of your teeth is extremely important because it has been found to link with other diseases such as diabetes, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, pregnancy risks, heart disease, and other additional health problems. If you are currently suffering from periodontal disease or you are encountering symptoms, do not hesitate to speak with or consult a dentist. The longer you wait to consult a dentist, the more severe your periodontal disease may get.

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